hiphopopotomus (dreamcharade) wrote in slc_forsale,

corn snake for sale!

We're moving and I think it's a good time to part ways with our snake. It's a good looking snow corn snake. Almost albino with a little bit of yellow on its belly, about 36 inches. He's only striked at my husband once with a lot of encouragement and his finger smelled like mouse. My husband said that if felt like the rough side of velcro and it defiantly didn't break the skin. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to hand the snake over to a child. It can be fed every 10 days or can go a month without feeding. It's a great pet if you don't have the time for a super needy animal. It's very chill but when out of it's cage you must watch it because it's good at hiding in places near impossible to fish it out of.
Of course we want snake (creative name, no?) to go to a loving home. We're asking $20 for snake which includes it's cage (just a large tupperware container with air holes), a reptile heating pad and a book on corn snakes. At feeding, snake eats 1 adult frozen (but thawed) mouse. We've fed him in the same container every time so it's familiar with the feeding procedure. If you can offer snake a happy home please email t_condie at hotmail dot com.

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