Stefahn (stefahnxvx) wrote in slc_forsale,

for sale

I have pictures if youre interested. Prices do not include shipping.

Fender Gig Bag $10.00

Epiphone Les Paul Hard Shell Guitar Case $35.00

David Ortiz Red Sox Jersey Size L $30.00

Ted Williams Red Sox T-shirt Size L $10.00

Red Sox 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt Size L $8.00

Mariners T-shirt Size L $8.00

Giants T-shirt Size L $8.00

American Eagle Blue Striped Sweater Size L $12.00

Fourstar Gray Striped Sweater Size L $12.00

xLooking Forwardx Gym Shorts Size L $10.00

Gorilla Biscuits white T-shirt Size L $8.00

Crime In Stereo black T-shirt Size L $8.00

Set Your Goals navy T-shirt Size L $8.00

Champion navy T-shirt Size L $8.00

Have Heart navy Pullover Hood $12.00

Ruiner navy Zip-up Hood $12.00
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