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Candles and home decor

If you're looking for something special for an upcoming wedding, party, or holiday gifts, I have just the thing for you. I sell PartyLite candles, home decor, and gourmet food to make holiday entertaining easy. Surprise a football fan with pizza-beer-bread (no alcohol required).

Check out my website at, and contact me if you're interested in earning free products or sales up to 65% off.

PartyLite is known for their excellent quality and customer service. I do home parties in the Salt Lake area and can bring all the scents and show you the beautiful items in person. Schedule yours now!

Small Autumn Pumpkin Candle Holder
The large matching holder is only $18 in September, ask me how!
Fall 2011,PartyLite

Large Pumpkin Jar in Leaves of Fun scent, perfect to get your home ready for the fall.
Large Pumpkin Jar
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